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Friday, May 10, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Book Review

Trim Healthy Mama Book Review

 Have you heard of this book? A friend introduced it to me back in February when it was only 5 months old. At first I thought "Oh another one of those books that tells you if you just reduce your calories you will lose weight". Not so. This book was a surprising breath of fresh air in the dieting world! It is all the best parts of things I have been reading about recently, put together in a coherent way.

 The authors come from a background of trying many different styles of eating and after years of research have come up with a healthy way of eating that you can use for life. They help you understand how your body sees food, so that you can lose weight, gain weight, stay at goal weight or even maintain a healthy pregnancy weight. And all while eating delicious food (yes, I meant that, it is delicious), the kind of food you eat and say "Am I really losing weight?" and you look at the results and you are For example there are many variations of Skinny Chocolate, basically a sugar free homemade chocolate that promotes weight loss. =) It is the biggest temptation buster out there!

 Peanut Butter Cup version of Skinny Chocolate

 You are probably wondering how this way of eating works. Well without going into details of how your body reacts to certain foods (which you really need to read in the book to understand), here is a very basic summary. First off it is sugar free, uses some low glycemic principles, teaches you how to keep your primary fuels of  fat and carbs (healthy ones) separate so that your body only has to deal with one at a time.  There are some more details to it, but that is the best way I can explain it without going into the details you find in this 600 page book. Yes, I said 600 pages, and yes it is a big book, but a lot of it is recipes and some of it is other issues outside of eating that are very helpful. At first it is a bit of a learning curve, but after a while it becomes second nature.

Cottage Berry Whip - a really delicious snack from the book

So far I have told you about the book, but what about my experience with it? When I read it I was very excited and it was like a light bulb went off in my head. It just made so much sense! I started right away (this was near the end of February) and at first I felt a bit sluggish which turned out to be sugar withdrawl. After I got the sugar out of my system I felt much better than I had in a long time; more energy, more satisfied with my food and I felt really great about how I was giving my body the proper food it needed. As for weight results, well I have learned that those vary from person to person, but the weight does go down as well as the inches. A lot of people have lost fast and a lot. Some others like me are just naturally slow losers and have always fought for every pound lost. Well guess what? It works for us all; with some advice from the authors (yes, they are on facebook and are around to help you out) I was able to find the little tweak that helps even this slow loser lose weight. To date I have lost 14 lbs in 10 weeks, which is the most I have ever been able to lose and I am still going!
A favorite of mine- Volcano Mudslide Muffin in a Mug -another great recipe from the book

I have been enjoying wonderful food all this time. Things like muffin in a mug made with ground flax seed and almond meal, chicken salad wraps, zuchini noodle alfredo (really, really good) cheeseburger pie, skinny chocolate, Fat Stripping Frappa and my new favorites Good Girl Moonshine and Good Girl Margarita (making use of the health benefits of Apple cider vinegar). I have not felt deprived at all while my body is dropping inches and pounds. And best of all I am feeding my body nourishing foods.

Good Girl Margarita - It helps with weight loss and has many other health benefits

I could just go on about all the things that are exciting to me about this way of eating, but instead I will just leave with a few links you can check out. 
The website for the book
The Author Facebook page with lots of good info
 Check them out, you won't be sorry if you do! =)


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  2. What page is the volcano chocolate cake on??? I can't find it...