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Monday, December 31, 2012

Healing Lotion

Hand Softening, Healing, Natural Lotion

Lotion, it should be light, moisterizing and help heal chapped hands, but most importantly it should be chemical free. At first I was intimidated by the idea of making lotion from scratch, it wasn't just melt stir and pour, it was emulsifying oil and water together to make something new. I decided to give a try and it was fun watching it change, it was also easier than I imagined. Try it and see for yourself.
  • 3/4cup Aloe Gel
  • 1tsp Vitamin E oil
  • 3/4oz Beeswax (grated or broken into small pieces)
  • 2Tbl Comfrey
  • 1/4 cup Almond oil
  • 1/4 cup Coconut oil
  • 1Tbl Cocoa Butter
  • 15-20 drops Essential Oil of your choice

  1. In double boiler on low melt coconut and almond oil with comfrey, let it infuse for 45min to an hour.
  2. Strain through cheesecloth, throw away herbs and wipe leftover herbs out of pot.
  3. Pour oil back in pot, add beeswax and Cocoa butter and melt.
  4. In a medium-sized bowl, combine aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.
  5. Pour the melted oils into a bowl and allow them to cool to room temperature. This is a vital step in order to prevent separation. You can also heat up the aloe mixture slightly in the microwave to bring the 2 mixtures to the same temp.
  6. Once cooled, blend on low speed with hand mixer, slowly and continuously pour in aloe vera mixture. Run a rubber spatula aganist the sides of the bowl to incorporate all ingredients. Blend until the mixture has the look and feel of lotion. (Note: this step could also be done with a blender on low speed)
  7. Pour the lotion into sterilized jars. You can use sterilized canning jars if you have them on hand. I keep a jar on the bathroom counter and one in the refrigerator. The lotion will keep for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator.
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